Saturday, September 27, 2008


IF ever there was a video defined DORKY! It would most definitely be this one.

This video is for anyone who is a Glauser! For to be a Glauser is to know DORKY! (thanks to mom for setting the example all these years!)


DaFt BOdieS

so rad!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Daft PUNK!

This video is totally sweet. You should check it out. . . word? . . . WORD!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Calyco Healing Intensive! CHI :)

Carolyn Cooper! she is a fantastic woman and i spent the last four days at her workshop and certification class! its amazing. its all energy work and its Honestly the fastest way to do energy work i have ever seen. i've done work on people before where it would take hours just to get the days stresses of their shoulders. this does all of that in literally a half hour. its amazing and just like energy its really simple. Energy work doesn't have to be this long, arduous process. Energy work is Easy! and her system makes it easy. If any of you are interested you should schedule a phone session with her or if you're in the area, go see her in person. But at least go check out her website. Just click her photo up above. Or if you want me to do a session on you, i'm certified so i'll be starting my own energy therapy here shortly.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Poopy Days and Feel Good Music

Some days its just poopy. But why? why do some days have to be poopy. Well...because some days just start out poopy. The cool thing is we as humans :) have this really interesting thing called choice or opptomism. We get to choose if the day stays poopy or if it can become a FEEL GOOD day. This is David Wilcox with some really good FEEL GOOD music. Check out his album LIVE SONGS AND STORIES its my favorite.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sweat Lodge

Tonight I'm headed to a sweat lodge! One of the most amazing Native American "spirituals", or spiritual rituals, I have yet discovered! Although this one pictured below is not exactly how the one I'm going to looks :) this is really nice inside. I'm going to an old school one. like the one pictured above.

One of the most important parts of the sweat lodge, and with all energy work, is to go into it with an intention! Tonight my intention is; To bring into my life new, fullfilling energies that make my heart sing! And also to open the doors to my next step on my Personal Legend!

Here's a little more info on sweat lodges from wiki:

The sweat lodge (also called sweat house, medicine lodge, or medicine house) is a ceremonial sauna and an important ritual used by some North American First Nations or Native American peoples. There are several styles of sweat lodges that include a domed or oblong hut similar to a wickiup, a teepee, or even a simple hole dug into the ground and covered with planks or tree trunks. Stones are typically heated in an exterior fire[1] and then placed in a central pit in the ground. Often the stones are granite and they glow red in the dark lodge.

During the ceremony, the participants encircle the stone pit inside the lodge. The medicine man, leader of the ceremony, or elder, perhaps better referred to as the pourer, receives the glowing hot stones from the firekeeper and places them in the pit, using a pitch fork and/or deer antlers[2]. When enough stones have been placed in the lodge, the medicine man (pourer) closes the door and pours water on top of the stones to fill the lodge with steam. This happens usually four times, with periods of between ten minutes to hours spent sweating in the lodge.
In Ojibway or Anishinaabe ceremonies, there are many songs sung with a drum and rattles, prayers given, and attempts to heal the sick. The lodge door is in the east, toward the sacred fire, and there are rattles for each of the directions. A fire keeper or helper outside passes the red hot granite stones, or grandfathers, into the lodge, and puts prayer offerings of tobacco into the fire. The grandfathers are placed into the pit at the center of the lodge. Before the ceremony, there is a cedar strip or line along the ground that is not to be crossed. The little boy water drum is often used in the ceremonies, along with certain medicines that are burnt on the hot stones. As each person enters the lodge on hands and knees, they say their name in Ojibway, and crawl, like a baby, into the womb of the lodge. The women sit on one side, and the men sit on the other. The sweat lodge represents birth and being born out of the darkness, the red glow, the warmth, the wetness, and the small space like a womb. One also crawls out of the lodge, humbled, and like a baby. Everything is usually done in a clockwise direction in the lodge, the same way as the sun travels across the sky. One enters in a clockwise direction, passes rattles clockwise, songs and prayers are given clockwise, and each one leaves clockwise. Most people get their traditional names during the ceremony, and offerings are given of tobacco, food, and other things. The little boy drum is ceremoniously prepared before each sweat lodge and tied in a certain way depending on the teaching given.

Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm going!!!!

To LEARN the piano!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Just Press Play!!!

So my blogness life has taken a PAUSE. But now its time to press PLAY.
There won't be a full on giddy up just yet. only cause they can't get internet out to my house.

Thats right! MY HOUSE!

Crazyness to the max factor, i know. I own my own home. (cheese)

By the way its out in BFE. but its kinda nice. its quiet out there and almost like camping in a house. Its also about 3 seconds away from sand hollow lake. so as soon as my roommates parents decide that they want to park their boat at my house I will say hallelujah!

MMmm the lake.

I'll throw up some pics of the house as soon as they get the INET to my house, so it may be a couple weeks.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Two Doors Down

A Story. you might get lost. but that all depends on how good you are at life.

Don't press this big red button

Sunday, March 30, 2008


It is official. We have reached BUN status. the hair is finally long enough to be updoed or i guess updone into a BUN. :)

There's something about the BUN that just puts your mind at ease.

If in fact you do not know how to make a bun in your own hair (which is ridiculous) then please for the sake of the world and your serenity. CLICK HERE

The Blogness Monster

The Blogness Monster
By Scott Glauser

I have been shown a world
Full of random pics text and links.
Where buttons open new windows
To places that might raise an eyebrow.
A new view on how a loved one thinks.
Where you find out that maybe
You aren't the only one trying to work out the kinks.
A picture that makes you smile
The following comment that makes you laugh.
A place of connection, all the while
Showing us we're all on our own path.

The Blogness monster takes its victims with ease
It reels you in slowly and then starts to tease
Before long you can't help but have a new mind set
you look at everthing differently and think. . .
Ya, I could post that on THE NET.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Chapperone or wingman?

From Jocelyn: are you a chapperone or a wingman?

now i'll tell you the story of what happend after i got off the computer.

So there i was back in the double queen hotel extravaganza. just a little nick name for the hotel room. . . anyway so i get back and am of course by my self. i draw a bath. i know a little gay, but so necessary. the hot bath was really relaxing. so i go read for a bit. i get in about one chapter before the shutters get heavy. so i nod off. and the next thing i wake up to is elton and greg coming back. they tell me their story of how they lost david and greg. and then i went back to sleep. the next time i woke up i saw greg and david barn and who i thought was jesse but really who i thought was jesse wasn't. and who i thought was david barn was jesse. so there's jesse on one side greg in the middle and mystery guest on the other side. at the time i did not know it was a mystery guest i'm still in jesse mode. and the last thing i think before i go to sleep was i hope he doesn't fall off the bed, cause he's pretty close to the edge. so i go back to sleep. elton to my left. the next time i wake up its to a very loud whack and then a thud shortly followed. so all of us hear this concussion happening. and pop up in bed, saying in no uncertain terms, "what the hell"? and the next thing i think after "ouch" was "wow jesse is wearing alot of jewelry" hahaha then we ask greg what happend and why there's a girl in our room. and where the hell is david? who was MIA at the moment. . . i'm gonna leave you all with a cliff hanger. if you wanna hear the dirty details of the rest of the story then let me know. . .involving elton. :) yes. he got some.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


tonight we drink to youth and holding fast a truth. don't wanna lose what i has as a boy. sometimes when i'm alone i wonder is there a spell that i am under that helps me to see the real meeeeeee... love hurts. . . but sometimes its a good hurt and i feel like i could flyyyyyy.
these are just a few words from an incubus song. and it really is a good hurt.

so i'm in mexico. i really miss my beux or boo however you spell it but i'm gonna say i miss jocelyn. :( its beautiful down here the beach sunsets are making me miss her even more. i just wanna cuddle! damn. is there any such thing a cyber cuddling? it wouldn't be as good though. only cause she is sooo good at cuddling. I think she might have a degree in it or she's at least certified.

I stayed home tonight. in the hotel. while my buddies go roll the dice of . . . i would say love but we all know spring break in mexico isnt about the love. its about sexual frustration. so they're going to roll the dice of the ONS. thats one night stand for you socially incoherant peeps. as for me i'm going to go back to the room and read and then sleep until the boys get back from doing the V.D. . . not venerial disease but V.D. stands for the vertical dry. Khaki kissing on the dance floor. that could be a whole other blog though.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I might share my world.

I figure i should share my world with the world. :) this paragraph is something i wrote a while ago. but i like it. it shows me where I was a year ago. which seems like ages ago. literally ages. i feel like i'm four years older than i was a year ago. is that possible? YES. anything is possible.

Who are you? I don't know. I don't know who I am. Not really. I don't think anyone really knows. If we really knew then it would probably be too much for us to handle. I know a little. I know that is why I am here. I'm here to find the I am of myself, and remember what and who I am. But also become what i once was. I remember things from time to time. things I shouldn't normally remember but I have experienced them for what seems like in another lifetime but really it was only a moment ago. I have these things inside me and they will never leave. I am thankful for that. I love new experiences and life is definitely full of them. I used to be a person who was so afraid of the future that i would think about it constantly and worry what i would become and who i would be. I wished for talents and security. I have received all that i have needed and a lot that i have asked for. I believe that coincidences aren't really what they seem. they are more of a choice that you have already made. then you go through it to understand why you made that choice. Life is Life. and Love is close to the same story. Love is inside of you. either you are love or you don't choose love. I love all of you with a passion. I learn constantly always looking and mostly listening. I am who I am . Be still and know that I am. Be still and know. Be still. BE