Saturday, May 24, 2008

Just Press Play!!!

So my blogness life has taken a PAUSE. But now its time to press PLAY.
There won't be a full on giddy up just yet. only cause they can't get internet out to my house.

Thats right! MY HOUSE!

Crazyness to the max factor, i know. I own my own home. (cheese)

By the way its out in BFE. but its kinda nice. its quiet out there and almost like camping in a house. Its also about 3 seconds away from sand hollow lake. so as soon as my roommates parents decide that they want to park their boat at my house I will say hallelujah!

MMmm the lake.

I'll throw up some pics of the house as soon as they get the INET to my house, so it may be a couple weeks.