Saturday, May 24, 2008

Just Press Play!!!

So my blogness life has taken a PAUSE. But now its time to press PLAY.
There won't be a full on giddy up just yet. only cause they can't get internet out to my house.

Thats right! MY HOUSE!

Crazyness to the max factor, i know. I own my own home. (cheese)

By the way its out in BFE. but its kinda nice. its quiet out there and almost like camping in a house. Its also about 3 seconds away from sand hollow lake. so as soon as my roommates parents decide that they want to park their boat at my house I will say hallelujah!

MMmm the lake.

I'll throw up some pics of the house as soon as they get the INET to my house, so it may be a couple weeks.


Jocelyn said...

Yes your house...beautiful! Yet so damn far! Your lucky I kinda like you and make the commute every night! :)

Cami Kooka said...

you best be comin the va-ginia. free tickets, AND free place to stay!? what more could you ask for??
you really need to come though :)

Cody Rydel said...

I don't want to pull a Dane Cook--he stole some Dimetri Martin material and tried to pull it off as his own. Dimetri Martin's full joke is..."Hiking is just taking a walk where it's okay to pee. Sometimes old people hike by mistake." or something like that...

karamea.pearl said...

note how many times the word house is used.
i mean. i realize it's your house. but you know.
my spot, place, home, residence, living quarters.

hahaha jokes. your house is pretty sweet though.

Cami Kooka said...

so i've been trying to press 'play' for a while now.... i think its broken...??

Malea and Parx said...

well Im out there pretty much every weekend so you could just come jump on our boat