Friday, September 12, 2008

Calyco Healing Intensive! CHI :)

Carolyn Cooper! she is a fantastic woman and i spent the last four days at her workshop and certification class! its amazing. its all energy work and its Honestly the fastest way to do energy work i have ever seen. i've done work on people before where it would take hours just to get the days stresses of their shoulders. this does all of that in literally a half hour. its amazing and just like energy its really simple. Energy work doesn't have to be this long, arduous process. Energy work is Easy! and her system makes it easy. If any of you are interested you should schedule a phone session with her or if you're in the area, go see her in person. But at least go check out her website. Just click her photo up above. Or if you want me to do a session on you, i'm certified so i'll be starting my own energy therapy here shortly.


Cami Kooka said...

so cool scott!
i would love to try it out. i've been wanting to call that 'terry hyde' guy that i have phone sessions with, but maybe i could try her out. we'll see.
maybe you can do some work on me when i come home, eh?
love you bro. i miss you too.

Jocelyn said...

I'm such a proud girlfriend! :) Pretty much my boyfriend is cooler then every one else!! Neener Neener! I'm excited for your new adventure! I love you! :)

Cassidy Dawn said...

Ah! I love her she is an amzing woman I have the pleasure of working with her at RMS! Wish I had the money to take her workshops!

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